Our organization was founded by experienced global Lean Six Sigma experts in order to drive value for our customers. Our scope has since been to support customers in the Lean Six Sigma evaluation, transformation and journey of any individual, association or company. The organization has been set up to be a full-service provider of certifications.

Our Global Presence

We serve customers globally, in any country and any culture

Our evaluators are experts in supporting different environments, sizes of companies and industries. We also are committed to keeping high quality and service throughout the globe.


More than 100 experts world-wide

All evaluators are high-level experts, certified and proven Master Black Belts. They have been serving in the industry at least for 10-15 years. An accreditation, with an accredited conformity assessment body, will be done in 2018. 

Accredited Trainers

Top Lean Six Sigma & Continuous Improvement Training Companies

The following companies and organizations are trusted partners who can train the body of knowledge of Lean Six Sigma. These accredited trainers will help you get the knowledge you need to get an International Certification emitted by SWISS ALLIANCE LEAN SIX SIGMA AG.

Lean Six Sigma Institute

International Presence

Become Certified

Lean Six Sigma Company Certification

An evaluation program in which the implementation plan, use of the methodology and the tools, the training that the staff receives, the behavior in relation to the change management and the observation of behavior, and results of the implementation are analyzed to ensure the continuity of long-term results.

Lean Six Sigma Processes Certifications

Lean Six Sigma processes have a start and an end, and we will assure that the expected output is achieved with a defined input and defined steps. All defined steps will be evaluated if set up correctly, running stable and providing the expected results. These processes include Accounting, Logistics, Manufacturing, Services, Sales & Marketing, IT, among others…

Lean Six Sigma Individual Certification

Swiss Alliance for Lean Six Sigma evaluates and certifies that an individual has demonstrated a proficiency within, and comprehension of, the Lean Six Sigma body of knowledge

Trainer & Auditor Accreditation Programs

An Accredited Training Organization conducts and provides Lean Six Sigma related training or consulting to business entities and individuals and has qualified for Swiss Alliance Lean Six Sigma Accreditation Program.

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