Trainer Accreditation Program

An Accredited Trainer conducts and provides Lean Six Sigma related training or consulting to business entities and individuals and has qualified for a Swiss Alliance Lean Six Sigma Excellence Program Accreditation.

Swiss Alliance Lean Six Sigma AG’s seeks to verify several aspects of your organization through the application and follow-up collaboration process. Our Accredited partners are distinguished from other training organizations in that this designation speaks to the quality of the organization and the programs that the organization offers. 




  • Provides proof that your organization provides a Best-Practice Certification program when using Swiss Alliance Lean Six Sigma Exams.
  • Allows your organization to directly deliver Swiss Alliance Lean Six Sigma Exams to your candidates.
  • Special prices on Swiss Alliance Lean Six Sigma exams and materials.
  • Swiss Alliance Lean Six Sigma Accreditation provides prospective customers with a neutral third party source to verify the robustness of an organization’s Continuous Improvement Program.
  • Accredited organizations are listed on the Swiss Alliance Lean Six Sigma AG website and are easily located by prospective customers looking for a reliable verification source.
  • Link to your site to Swiss Alliance Lean Six Sigma for customer verification and use the Accreditation Badges in your advertising and on your websites.
  • Your certificate of accreditation, displayed at your place of business and on your website, gives a favorable impression.
  • Standards and Certification Best-Practices promoted by Swiss Alliance Lean Six Sigma, and adhered to by Accredited businesses, foster customer confidence and benefit the Lean Six Sigma Industry.
  • You may never know how many customers you’ve gained because of your Swiss Alliance Lean Six Sigma Accreditation, but even one business transaction will more than pay for a full year’s Accreditation.

Trainer's Badge

Each Accredited Trainer will receive a Swiss Alliance Lean Six Sigma’s AT Badge as proof of the excellence of their programs.


  • Applicants must describe their training program; that is, how their belt courses are taught. 
  • Swiss Alliance Lean Six Sigma’s training criteria:
    • 160 hours for Master Black Belt
    • 120 hours for Black Belt
    • 80 hours for Green Belt
    • 40 hours for Yellow Belt
  • Variations in training methods (in-class, e-learning, video series, blended, etc.), class formats (University, Corporate), class sizes, prerequisites, supplemental training/learning activities and on the job training can cause this guideline to be challenging to assess. Nevertheless, every provider seeking accreditation should be prepared to define how their programs compare to these guidelines and reasonably justify deviations.
  • Swiss Alliance Lean Six Sigma uses training duration as one measure to assess the quality of a providers training programs. This measure is considered in part and parcel with other measures such as Swiss Alliance Certification Exam performance history, if applicable, student and customer reviews who have engaged in the providers training programs, when appropriate, along with the other criteria required to achieve this accreditation. Therefore, in certain circumstances, providers may successfully gain accreditation with training durations that are somewhat less than these guidelines. Nevertheless, this guideline provides a valuable yardstick to assess a providers training programs.


Annual Accreditation Fee (Organizations) : $ 1200 USD

Annual Accreditation Fee  (Individuals) : $600 USD

Accreditation Form

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