Lean Six Sigma Company Certification

The whole company or corporation has been set up with all necessary Lean Six Sigma criteria’s, principles and is a continuously learning organization. We will evaluate how companies are designing their future by practicing Lean Six Sigma strategic and tactical tools to assess the level progress.

This certification is going to provide a clear path for a successful transformation and is going to be a key tool to sustain the system and achieve world-class results.



It is an evaluation program in which the implementation plan, use of the methodology and the tools, the training that the staff receives, the behavior in relation to the change management and the observation of behavior and results of the implementation are analyzed to ensure the continuity of long-term results.

What does Lean Company evaluate?


Leadership in the practice of lean six sigma philosophy is evaluated, identifying opportunities in the planning and execution of the strategy, project management, company structure, Standardized work of leaders, management of results, lean accounting and thinking systemic


The Lean Company certification is a very effective instrument to generate behaviors and habits in teamwork, education, security, organizational climate, recognition, social and environmental commitment.

Methods and Tools

The knowledge and practical application of Lean Six Sigma methods and tools are evaluated applied to the key processes of the organization to ensure that they are known, apply properly and are used to guarantee the best practices generated by the behaviors that will result in significant results.


The correct implementation guarantees results of improvement in capacity, generation of income, reduction of costs and inventories, delivery time, value of investments, utilities, security and satisfaction of customers, shareholders and employees.


Identify the level of maturity of the companies in the adoption of the best practices of productivity and quality and define a plan to achieve better results.

Why certify your company?

The companies that currently invest in training and implementation, are achieving amazing results with the proper use of methodologies and tools, however, the challenge will be to maintain the active participation of all staff to develop a culture of improvement through habits.

How is this evaluated?

SWISS ALLIANCE LEAN SIX SIGMA AG sends an expert who evaluates in the field with managers and operative personnel, the level of maturity of the following aspects: leadership, improvement system, culture of improvement and results of the company, the client receives a report of findings and manages to reach the Scores required for certification, receive a certification plate with a duration of 3 years in which periodic evaluations are carried out as necessary to ensure the system sustenance.

Who carries out the certification evaluation?

Master Black Belt level experts, dedicated to training and project guidance, with 15 years or more of experience.

Price of the certification

$ 3,000 to $ 6,000 dollars per plant or business unit in each location depending on the companies size (does not include travel expenses).

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